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Special December 31, 2017. "Puchero Andaluz" .


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Puchero Andaluz.
One of our most renowned regional dishes is the Andalusian puchero which consists of bean and meat stew. This dish goes back to ancient times and is most popular in inland rural areas of Andalusia where it was common among farmers.
The name of this dish references a pot that in the old days was used by peasants to cook whatever they had at the time: meat, vegetables ......
Slowly this dish became popular among the upper classes and was even considered Royalty food.
At Tablao Flamenco Las Tablas we´d like to end 2017 with this “ royal meal ( lunch) ”:
Puchero andaluz ( single dish), beer, wine, soft drinks or sangria.
Fruit and bread.
Tables will be shared according to space´s capacity.
After tasting this delicious dish we will offer our 30-40 minutes flamenco show with the best flamenco artists.
Arrival time: 13:30
Lunch: 14:00
Show: 15:00
Show ends: 15:30
Price: € 55.- per person, VAT included

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