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Flamenco Live Show New Year’s Eve 2017


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FLAMENCO Live New Year 2017/18

LAS TABLAS --- New Stage Space
Presents a special Performance for the last night of the year, a different way to commemorate the beginning of 2018.
Savor the end of 2017 with a formal dinner and enjoy the best lively Flamenco dancing ever by the group LAS TABLAS.
With special participation by Jesús Fernández
The formal dinner will begin at 9:00PM.
The Flamenco performance will begin that night at 11:00PM until 12:00 midnight.We will interrupt the performance in order to drink the grapes of good fortune and toast in the new year.
In 2018, we will conclude our show with “Fiesta por Bulerías”

Our space (auditorium) includes tables and chairs arranged in three different levels with the purpose to allow a better view of the show;
The assignment of tables, specially for New Year Eve’s dinner celebration 2017/2018 will be strictly done according to the booking order and ticket purchase.

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